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Changelog - The Galerium v2.6

> Important changes:
- Detection of players attacks improved (now it detect sound / force prologue / force flight school / force activity / force apart & block interaction menu)
- LastDarknessPlace Loader v1.1 added into PKG (news menus without modified screens)
- Stability little improved.

=> Additions & changes:

-> Options on players online

- Recovery on player added (5 options available, on character 1 and 2)
- Player never wanted / off radar player & ESP Marker edited for work on many players
- SCTV players visible into players list
- 1 menu SPRX added in detection of menu

-> Self options

- Godmode edited to make it undetectable
- Fire feet replaced by Breathe mode (thanks to NYD)
- Height edition for player added (visible only by you)

-> Funny options

- Forklift mode added (thanks to NYD)
- Sky camera replaced by Zoom camera (thanks to NYD)

-> Driving modes

- Hydraulics improved (you can't fly when you turn now)

-> Modded car

- All vehicles added in lists for attachment veh (which makes a total of about 320 vehicles to attach)

-> Online options & protections

- 3 protections added (Anti sounds / anti admin kick & anti edit weather/time)
- Added an option to put 18 players in one session

-> Various modifications

- Temperatures added into Settings (bug on some CFW)
- Teleport to waypoint improved, now it will teleport you correctly (thanks to NYD)
- 1 visible weather added into World & Environment
- Page 2 of objects deleted to reach her to page 1
- 3d marquor colors added into .ini file

=> Bugs fixed:

- The animated globe don't will move when you open the interaction menu (fixed by NYD)
- The global manager will display correctly guards/vehicles/objects/animals (fixed by NYD)
- Car shoot will spawn just 1 vehicle instead 2 vehicles (fixed by NYD)
- Turbo will don't disable the turbo if the option is disabled
- The menu that was left open when there was a message like "you were excluded from the session" and prevented from clicking on X (fixed by NYD)

=> Options deleted:

- Disable calling phone
- Weathers in all players menu deleted because theses weathers is already in World & Environment

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