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Posté le 3 août 2021
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Free Ads Groups Rules


No New Movie Promotion unless you want asshole MarkScan report to Telegram and Telegram take down this group!

Who is coward MarkScan?
Read here:

Israel is Apartheid State
Read here


No Scam Telegram Bot
No Scam HYIP Investment
No Fraudulent + Illegal Promotion
No Betting • Gamble
No Porn
No Racist • Insulting
No Carding (Stealing Credit Card) + Ripper + Fake Amazon Refund Reseller + Escrow service
No NSFW ( Not Suitable For Work) ads
No Fake Side Income website and apps
No Scam Ponzi, Matrix, Pyramid Scheme and MLM
No SelfDrop ( in cases many people losing their Ether ( ETH ) for not exist Crypto Projects. Smart Contract promoter will be banned because it's absolutely Tricky Scam!

Investment & Passive income & Trading must provide Trading Risk Disclaimer on his advertising and has evidences on members income (withdrawal proofs, screenshot of authentic payment, notifications from email provider is good option)
Forex • Investment groups or channels must be public (not private) to make us easier for checking whether it is scam or not (for transparency)
Don't Spamming other member inbox! Post only at groups! PM only if urgent and to the point on your issues.

Warn • Kick • Mute • Ban
These Rules are obligated to be followed by all members included admins, no exception.
We are independent community, no sponsorship, no pressure on what we did. We are free people alongside • within Telegram Corridor. We just obey Telegram Rules, T&C. Telegram has rights to close this group if we are proven and clearly stated do some activities against Telegram Rules. FAQ kindly seek here: @durov or here:

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Thank you

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