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KEPCO, facing financial difficulties, considers selling '78-year-old volleyball team' “There was no specific discussion.”

KEPCO players are rejoicing after scoring in the match between Hyundai Capital and KEPCO in the third round of the professional volleyball men's Dodram V-League 2022-2023 season playoffs held at Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium in Cheonan on the 28th.

The KEPCO Big Storm professional volleyball team, which boasts a 78-year history, is nervous due to rumors of its sale.

KEPCO, which is experiencing financial difficulties, is known to have included the sale of the volleyball team as one of its self-rescue measures in the business report submitted to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the National Assembly.

However, KEPCO has not actually had any specific discussions regarding the sale of the volleyball team.

KEPCO general manager Kim Cheol-soo said in a phone call with News 1 on the 20th, “As far as I know, the sale of the volleyball team is included as one of the various self-rescue measures submitted by the headquarters,” but added, “Nothing has been discussed in detail.” “I will work hard to run the volleyball team as I have done so far and focus on the V-League,” he said.

On the 19th, KEPCO CEO Kim Dong-cheol announced in a business report at the National Assembly's Trade, Energy, Small and Medium Venture Business Committee's audit of KEPCO and others that he would seek various self-help measures to reduce debt.

He emphasized, “We will implement previously announced self-rescue measures, such as the financial soundness plan, in a timely manner, and continue to pursue efforts to overcome the financial crisis, such as selling additional assets,” and added, “We will implement strong internal innovation and reform at the level of a second founding company.” .

Although the plan to sell the volleyball team was not directly mentioned in the National Assembly inspection, the material containing the self-rescue plan included a plan to reduce debt through the sale of the volleyball team. KEPCO plans to disclose its plan to resolve financial difficulties to shareholders as early as next.

Meanwhile, the Korea Electric Power Volleyball Team was founded on November 28, 1945 under the name ‘Namseon Electric Volleyball Team’. With a history of 78 years, it has the longest history among Korean volleyball teams.

Just the rumor of the sale of the KEPCO volleyball team is making the industry nervous. Currently, there are seven teams in the men's and women's divisions, and it is not easy to find a company to take over the professional volleyball men's division immediately.

An official in the volleyball industry said, “During the last IMF, KEPCO pushed for the sale of the volleyball team, but it survived. “We need to monitor the situation a little more,” he said cautiously.

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