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There was a 'third person' who threatened to expose the impersonation of 'Hwang Ui-jo's ex-lover'

Hwang Ui-jo of the Korean national soccer team is leaving the country through Incheon International Airport to play against China in the second match of the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup Asia Region 2nd Group C Group Stage on the morning of the 19th.

A man who committed a copycat crime by threatening on social networking services (SNS) as if he would distribute private videos of South Korea's national soccer team player Hwang Ui-jo has been caught and is being investigated.

He is a different person from Hwang's sister-in-law, who was arrested and sent on charges of posting a post exposing Hwang's private life and making threats.

According to the police on the 23rd, the Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency arrested Mr. A, a man suspected of violating the Information and Communications Network Act (defamation by revealing false information), last August.

Last June, Mr. A is accused of posting a post on his SNS account, referring to himself as Hwang's former lover, Mr. B, and saying that he would continue to make additional disclosures if an agreement with Hwang's agency, UJ Sports, was not reached. However, it was confirmed that Mr. A did not upload any additional videos after the revelation notice.

The police believe that Mr. A, Hwang's sister-in-law, and Mr. B are all different people, and they plan to continue investigating accounts impersonating victims and distributing videos in the future.

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