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Choo Shin-soo Train with MLB Trainers at Home

Park Jong-hoon, Ha Jae-hoon, Park Dae-on, and Choo Shin-soo Train with MLB Trainers at Home

After training at Choo Shin-soo's residence in Dallas, USA, he joined SSG Spring Camp.

Professional baseball SSG Landers pitcher Park Jong-hoon (32), outfielder Ha Jae-hoon (33), and catcher Park Dae-on (28) trained individually with major league teammate Choo Shin-soo (41) before joining the spring camp.

The training location was Choo Shin-soo's house, which was at the level of a 'mansion'.

Choo Shin-soo's home in Dallas, Texas, USA, is fully equipped with training facilities.

In addition, Jose Vazquez, a training coach whom Choo Shin-soo met while playing for the Texas Rangers, helped them with their personal training.

Park Jong-hoon, Ha Jae-hoon, and Park Dae-on, who are currently attending spring camp with their SSG colleagues in Biro Beach, Florida, USA, expressed their gratitude to Choo Shin-soo through the club on the 6th.

Park Jong-hoon, who trained at Choo Shin-soo's house for about two weeks starting on January 10, said, "I did personal training at Choo Shin-soo's house for longer than last year (1 week of training). I

learned a lot more." He added, "A training coach who has been active in the major league for a long time. “I also learned about weight training and how to take care of my body,” he said.

Ha Jae-hoon also said, “Shin-soo’s house was equipped with all the training facilities, so I was able to get in shape without any shortcomings.

He said, “I received useful information from Vasquez training coach, such as training direction and habits to have,” and

Park Dae-on, who joined SSG through the second round of the draft in November last year, said, “I don’t want to miss the opportunity to train with Choo Shin-soo, who I have admired since I was young.

“Training with a training coach was a big help.”

“I was able to learn in detail about why I should do this training and what parts it is good for,” he recalled.

Shin-Soo Choo is the most successful hitter among Korean big leaguers.

He appeared in 1,652 games over 16 seasons in the major leagues, recording 1,671 hits in 6,087 at bats (0.275 batting average), 218 home runs, 782 RBI, 157 stolen bases, and an on-base percentage of 0.377.

Of course, the ‘time training with Choo Shin-soo’ was a great help to the three juniors.

Park Jong-hoon said, “Shin-soo gave me advice on the philosophy that a professional baseball player should have,” and added, “I also learned how to take care of my body from a senior who has been playing for a long time.”

Park Dae-on also said, “I learned about batting from Choo Shin-soo.

He is of great help now in spring camp.”

All three began the 2024 spring camp with great enthusiasm.

Park Jong-hoon suffered from a terrible slump last year, and Ha Jae-hoon only played in 77 games due to injury.

Dae-on Park leaves NC Dinos and makes a new start at SSG.

Park Jong-hoon confessed, “After receiving elbow surgery (in 2021), I focused on improving my shortcomings, so my strengths disappeared and I suffered from obsession,” and added, “Coaching staff, including Coach Lee Soong-yong, told me, ‘I want you to play brightly in baseball.’

I want to show off my strengths again“

“I will save my life and play baseball with a bright expression,” he pledged.

Ha Jae-hoon expressed his ambition, saying, “This year, my goal is to play baseball one level higher in all areas than last year.

I am confident.”

Park Dae-on also said, "I start training at 5 a.m. at the Biro Beach camp with senior Choo Shin-soo and stay on the field until the very end.

I didn't want to leave any regrets, so I increased my training.

I want to achieve good results this year and write a story about the second draft."

“I made up my mind.

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