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Method of Determining Rankings for National Sports

The Method of Determining Rankings for the National Sports Festival is Changing... Establishment of the Korea Sports Council System Improvement Task Force

Measures to overcome 'anti-fun' due to rapid population decline and fixed rankings of certain cities and provinces

Chairman Lee Ki-heung "Repeatedly requests an apology from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism... Promises to legislate the National Sports Committee"

The method of determining the overall rankings of the National Sports Festival, which has been running for 64 years, is changing.

The Korea Sports Council held its 28th board meeting at the Olympic Parktel in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 6th and decided to form a task force (TF) to improve the comprehensive ranking system for the National Sports Festival.

The National Sports Festival is Korea's largest sporting event in which athletes from 17 cities and provinces participate, and since 1959, rankings have been determined using the '100% confirmed scoring' method in which points are differentially allocated to the cities and provinces of athletes who place 1st to 6th in each event.

However, as the interest in the National Sports Festival decreased in other cities and provinces due to the rapid population decline due to the falling birth rate and the solidification of certain cities and provinces in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province at the top of the overall rankings due to the concentration of population in the metropolitan area, the Sports Council was engulfed in a sense of crisis.

Accordingly, in order to foster local players and motivate the creation of teams, the Sports Association decided to form a task force to come up with an improvement plan that moves away from the ranking method that focuses on athletic performance and includes other items for athletic development in the evaluation.

According to the plan to improve the comprehensive ranking of the National Sports Festival, the ratio of the budget of the provincial and provincial sports councils to the local government budget, the ratio of registered athletes to the provincial and provincial population, and the retention rate of the provincial and provincial teams (sports department) are added to the existing confirmed points, and additional points are given to cities and provinces that create teams.

We are also considering a plan to give.

The Sports Council expected that changing the method of determining the rankings of the National Sports Festival would provide an opportunity to revitalize local sports, achieve balanced regional development, create an effective professional sports environment, and establish a stable local professional sports development system.

The Sports Council also decided to speed up the construction of alternative training facilities as the Taereung International Skating Rink facilities had to be used temporarily only until this year due to the registration of the Joseon Royal Tombs as World Cultural Heritage.

The Sports Council decided to select an alternative construction site by April and conduct a preliminary feasibility study in the second half of the year.

Sports Chairman Lee Ki-heung gave an interim report on the progress, saying, “Currently, 10 local governments have applied for the construction of a new skating rink.”

In addition, in order to increase transparency and clearly determine who is responsible when promoting work with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the responsible ministry, and the 17 provincial and provincial sports associations, the Sports Council decided to leave evidence by documenting it in official documents and e-mails and to record wired calls.

The Korea Sports Council appointed Moon Won-jae, president of Korea National Sport University, Lee Jeong-woo, director of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Kim Jae-yeol, president of the International Skating Federation and member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as new directors, and also approved operating regulations for the international liaison office in Lausanne, Switzerland.

A protocol plan was also finalized in which government minister-level officials would be welcomed by the Secretary-General and Athletes' Village head when visiting the Korea Sports Association Olympic Hall and the Jincheon National Team Athletes' Village, vice-minister-level officials by the head of the division, and director-level officials by the director.

Sports Chairman Lee Ki-heung also urged the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which has been in conflict due to a series of events such as the separation of the Korea Sports Council and the Korean Olympic Committee (KSOC), the delay in approval of the establishment of the Lausanne Overseas Liaison Office, and the launch of the National Sports Policy Committee from the exclusion of personnel recommended by athletes, to ensure the prevention of recurrence. did.

Chairman Lee promised the directors, “I will definitely receive an apology and expression of regret from Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yoo In-chon, and I will also bring disciplinary action against those involved (related public officials).”

He continued, “Starting on February 15th, we plan to travel across the country to collect signatures to form a national sports committee at the government level, rather than the Prime Minister’s National Sports Policy Committee, to gather the opinions of athletes.”

“With 50,000 athletes gathered, we will ask lawmakers to create a bill to establish a national sports committee,” he added.

Chairman Lee said that he plans to collect signatures of support for the bill to establish the National Sports Committee from political party candidates from 253 constituencies across the country running in the general election for the National Assembly in April, and emphasized, "I will put my position as (Sports Chairman) on the line to create the National Sports Committee."

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