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Kim Jae-ho & Song Min-seop, Salary Contract Delay

I Started Training... Kim Jae-ho and Song Min-seop, Salary Contract Delayed

If you keep delaying salary negotiations... Acquire FA qualifications on February 1, 2025

There are professional baseball players who were unable to join spring camp training due to salary negotiation issues.

They are veteran infielder Kim Jae-ho (38) of the Doosan Bears and outfielder Song Min-seop (32) of KT Wiz.

The two were unable to narrow the gap with their club until the 31st of last month, the last day of their inactivity period, and were eventually excluded from the spring camp training list and remained as uncontracted players.

Differences in position with the club still remain.

A Doosan official said on the 6th, “We plan to set up a negotiation table with Kim Jae-ho once again this week,” and added, “Kim Jae-ho will be able to join the team’s spring camp as soon as salary negotiations are completed.”

It is known that Song Min-seop is considering the KT club's annual salary proposal.

Currently, the two players are concentrating on personal training in Korea.

Since he has not signed a contract for the 2024 season, he does not participate in the club's schedule.

In the past, there were cases where some players left the country together for the spring training site and then stamped themselves and trained abroad.

However, the two players seem to have made up their minds.

Almost a week has passed since spring camp began, but the tug-of-war continues.

What happens if I don’t continue to sign a salary contract?

According to KBO regulations, the club's right to withhold is valid until January 31, two years after the year in which the list of players withheld was published.

In other words, even if Kim Jae-ho and Song Min-seop do not sign a contract, Doosan and KT have the right to contract until January 31 of next year.

If the contract is not completed by this time, he will become a free agent (FA) on February 1, 2025 and can freely negotiate with other clubs.

Players receive allowances for basic living even if they do not sign a contract.

The KBO operates a withholding allowance system to prevent players from giving up their right to negotiate salaries for economic reasons.

Players receive an amount equivalent to 25% of 1/300th of their previous annual salary multiplied by the number of days withheld as a withholding allowance on the last day of each month.

However, the withholding allowance is deducted after the salary negotiation is concluded.

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