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Woo Ha-ram and Lee Jae-kyung Win Men's Diving

Woo Ha-ram and Lee Jae-kyung Win Men's Diving 3m Qualification for Paris Olympics

Of the 18 players who advanced to the World Championship semifinals, 6 have already secured qualifications.

Woo Ha-ram (25, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation) and Lee Jae-kyung (24, Incheon Metropolitan City Hall) secured qualification to participate in the Paris Olympics in the men's swimming and diving 3m springboard.

Woo Haram earned a total of 380.20 points from the first to sixth periods in the 2024 World Championships Diving Men's 3m Springboard Preliminary held at the Hamad Aquatic Center in Doha, Qatar on the 6th, ranking 15th out of 70 people.

Lee Jae-kyung finished the preliminaries in 14th place, one place higher than Woo Ha-ram, with 381.60 points.

The two obtained tickets to the semifinals, which were awarded to the top 18 players.

Due to luck, he also won the right to participate in the Paris Olympics before the semifinals on the 7th.

The men's 3m springboard is an official Olympic event.

In diving, qualifications for the Paris Olympics are distributed to the National Olympic Committee (NOC) rather than to individual athletes.

The International Aquatics Federation has decided that the method of distributing qualifications for the Paris Olympics for the individual diving event will be '12 tickets for the 2023 Fukuoka World Championships, a maximum of 5 tickets for each continental championship, and 12 tickets for the 2024 Doha World Championships.'

Each country can obtain a maximum of two tickets to the Paris Olympics in this event.

China, Mexico, Germany, Italy, and the United States have already secured two spots for the men's 3m springboard Paris Olympics at the Fukuoka Games, so they cannot add additional Olympic spots at this Games.

As 2 Chinese players, 2 Germans, 1 Mexican, and 1 Italian players advanced to the semifinals of this Doha competition, Woo Haram and Lee Jae-kyung confirmed their entry into the top 12 among players from countries that did not secure a spot at the Paris Olympics.

The Korea Swimming Federation plans to grant tickets to the Paris Olympics to Woo Ha-ram and Lee Jae-kyung, who won the 'right to participate by country'.

Korean diving star Woo Ha-ram confirmed his participation in the Olympics for the third time in a row, following Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Tokyo 2020 in 2021.

Jaekyung Lee, who won the bronze medal by beating Wu Ha-ram in the men's 3m springboard at the Hangzhou Asian Games last fall, will be competing in her first Olympic Games.

Woo Ha-ram, who ranked 4th in the men's 3m springboard at the Tokyo Olympics, the highest ever in Korean diving, suffered from severe slump afterward.

The cause was a back injury.

He missed the 2022 Budapest World Championships, and at the 2023 Fukuoka Games, he fell to 19th place in the 3m springboard and missed out on a ticket to the semifinals, which would have earned him 18th place.

Woo Ha-ram began a rebound by winning a bronze medal in the 1m springboard and a silver medal in the men's synchro 3m springboard paired with Jae-kyung Lee at the Hangzhou Asian Games last fall.

Before leaving for Doha, Woo Ha-ram said in an interview "With the help of many people, I got through the difficult times, and now I have regained both my health and confidence.

I will participate in the Doha World Championships with the healthiest body and mind since the Tokyo Olympics." “

I will check the possibility of winning a medal at the Paris Olympics in Doha,” he said.

In the preliminaries on this day, Woo Ha-ram was in 5th place until the 5th period, but in the final 6th period, he made a big mistake in the twist movement (5156B), which involves two and a half laps and twisting the body with a difficulty of 3.9, and only added 46.80 points, placing 15th. pushed until

Although there was a lot of homework, concerns about the aftereffects of the injury were completely eliminated, and the first goal was to qualify for the Paris Olympics.

Jae-Kyung Lee, a 'large diver' who ranked 35th in this event at the Fukuoka Games last year, gained confidence by winning a medal in the individual event at the Hangzhou Asian Games and advancing to the semifinals of the World Championships.

Woo Ha-ram and Lee Jae-kyung will challenge to advance to the finals (12 people) in the semifinals on the 7th.

Shessui (27, China), who won the championship in this event in Budapest in 2017 and Gwangju in 2019, ranked first with 493.05 points in the preliminaries on this day.

Wang Zhongyuan (22, China), who is aiming for his third consecutive world championship, passed the preliminary round with 474.30 points and second place.

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